A number of assessment options are available depending on your organisations needs and requirements. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than willing to discuss your requirements so that we can offer you a tailored service to suit your organisation.

Group Training

The TEC Team are able to provide small group training to key staff and personnel in your organisation that provide basic ergonomic set up support (i.e. to new starters). This training will be designed to suit your reported requirements and needs and can offer key industry contact details for suppliers and resources in your local area. This will require consultation with your organisation prior to being developed and delivered and quoting for this service will depend on individual requirements.

Group Presentations

The TEC Team is able to provide training on the basics of Ergonomic Workstation Set up to your work teams. This is best provided to small teams of 5 – 25 individuals and is classroom/boardroom based. These presentations can be delivered in a 30 minute time slot or longer, if allowing time for questions or practical demonstration. There is an element of customisation available should this be required. Following group presentation an “office walk-around” can be useful to address individual questions on set up. Collating and reporting on outcomes from the walk-around is negotiable and can be undertaken if requested. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Individual Assessments

Comprehensive Assessments

This assessment will usually take 45 – 60 minutes of face to face assessment and are best suited to individuals with a current and persisting issue with pain or discomfort and include, but are not limited to, those individuals returning to work post injury or surgery, those suffering from pain and discomfort from a deteriorating condition or recent report of increasing pain and discomfort whilst at their workstation. It is strongly recommended that a comprehensive report is provided following this assessment as details are likely to be of value in managing Return to Work Plan or a Workers Compensation claim.

Set-Up Assessment & Education with Report

This level of assessment usually requires up to 30 minutes of face to face assessment and applies ergonomic principles to the individual and their workstation whilst also providing basic education regarding the correct set up of equipment utilised to the individual. There is the opportunity to take a detailed musculoskeletal history and provide individualised recommendations in the report provided. This assessment format is recommended for any individual with a history of musculoskeletal discomfort.

Short Set up Assessment & Report

This level of assessment usually requires 20 minutes of face to face assessment, specific musculoskeletal history is not detailed however a brief report is provided, offering a list of ergonomic factors reviewed and a basic list of recommendations including equipment that may be of benefit. This assessment format is recommended for individuals that do not have current musculoskeletal issues, or problems that have previously been attributed to work related tasks.

Please note: Typically over 80% of the population have musculoskeletal history of relevance.

Reports Our reports are designed to promote ergonomic self-management and are designed so as to offer each individual prompting and reference to ergonomic principles considered in workstation layout and design. The key intention is that the individual can utilise the report as a reference document to revisit their set up into the future without the requirement for re-assessment as well as to being able to apply the basic principles to alternate workstations independently (eg. home workstations).

Given the volume of assessments that we propose to undertake, a collaborative approach to coordination and communication with your organisation is essential. We aim to make the process as simple for you to manage as possible. As part of our quoted costs we will develop an implementation plan with you to suit your requirements, we provide summary documents collating equipment recommendations, and we endeavour to develop partnerships with suppliers to ensure ease of procurement. Communication and a commitment to providing a high quality professional service are the cornerstones to our success and your satisfaction.