The TEC Team are team of Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists with an interest in the practice of ergonomics and the influence that the task environment has on a person and their musculoskeletal system. As therapists we are able to offer your organisation specialist skills and knowledge of human body systems and the impact that dysfunction and injury can have on performance.

We are clinically placed to not only provide recommendations to aid in the resolution of symptoms but can also flag potential issues from workspace design through to well established office environments.

At an individual level, our one on one assessment process can provide early detection of discomfort or advice in response to existing issues which aims to facilitate the development of a proactive strategy to health and wellbeing.

At an organisational level, our consultancy capacity can assist you in developing strategies and creating optimal work domains to promote long term health and wellbeing within financial and environmental constraints.

Our aim is to work with you and your teams to educate and promote a sustainable and healthy work environment and wherever possible, we will aim to identify local networks and resources that can be accessed to support ongoing wellbeing both at work and into the home.

All our therapists maintain current AHPRA registration As practicing therapist’s we offer an evidence based service with foundations in current best ergonomic practice as well as existing industry standards and we have access to a significant body of clinical knowledge across Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy discipline areas.